Tamara Rose Dee.

Owner. Creative Director and Lead Designer.

Tamara is a trained, certified floral designer with a passion  to enrich  and beautify your event.  One of the most important details of an event is the floral design which creates the ambiance of the occasion. The options available are limited only by imagination. With Tamara, the setting for your event can meet your heart's desires. LoonSlipper Floral Design would be honored to be a part of your event. 


Graduated from the American School of Flower Design in 2015

Winter of 2016 will be receiving a masters certificate in floral design.

Roxanne Rae. 

Co-Owner and Mother.

She does about everything; keeps the teams head on straight, gets every last detail done, etc.  Who wouldn't  trust  a mother's instincts and  final touch?

Our event pricing is based upon the following.

  • Size of wedding party
  • Guest Count 
  • Seasonal requests (Are your flowers available locally or need to be shipped?)
  • Specific requests ( Laborious, detailed work, etc.)
  • Size and scale of arrangements (Relaxed & Petite or lLuscious & rich.)
  • Types of blooms ( Roses range from $3 to $20 a stem.)